Customised Cabling

customisedSpecturm Cable-Tech is leading custom cable solution provider with expertise in engineering & designing we expertise in providing solution as per the customer requirement. Our custom solutions are built around to solve customers specific requirement making our solution extremely valuable for the customers.

We have whole list of customers who work with us building a specific required cables that have special needs. These customer specific cables have specific strenths like handling harsh enviornments like abrasion, vibration, flexing, pulling,chemicals, oil, water, rough weather conditions.

By manufacturing these specialized cables over years Specturm Cable-Tech has developed a series of panel experts in various industries, further we have extensive knowledge of material, design & engineering.Specialized cables are delivered to provide higher performance & reduced equipment downtime.Customer gets higher return on investment when installing custom specialized custom made cable.

Recently Manufactured Specialised Cables

  • HO1VV-F / Ho7V-K Flexibile Cables
  • RS 485 Communication Cables (Equivalent Cables)
  • Profibus Cables (Equivalent Cables)
  • Fieldbus Cables (Equivalent Cables)
  • KNX Cables (Equivalent Cables)
  • LHS Cables
  • Cables for Automation, Ship Building, Marine Cables, Navy Cables, Medical Cables
  • BMS (Building Management System) Cables
  • High Temperature Cables
  • CCTV Cables for Elevator
  • HYBRID Cables


Cables as per customer specifications

Common Materials

Conductor Capabilities Braid Capabilities Insulation Capabilities Jacket Capabilities
 Tinned Copper  Stainless-Steel PVC (FR/FRLS/ZHFR/HR) PVC (FR/FRLS/ZHFR/HR)
Annealed Bare Copper Copper LDPE / HDPE HDPE
Nickel-Plated Copper Tinned Copper EPR  EPR
Silver-Plated Copper Nickel-Plated Copper  PTFE  PTFE
Fiber Glass XLPE  TPU
Galvanized Iron  LFH  TPR
Silver-Plated Copper  Silicon Rubber  Silicon Rubber
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