Polyurethane / PUR cables

At Spectrum we manufacture Polyurethane / PUR Insulated Wire & Cable. Our Polyurethane / PUR cables are used in military , tele communication, aerospace , petroleum (oil & gas) industry. We manufacture in various sizes, voltage, componds, shielding & conductors options. It has strength of rubber & hardness of plastic.
Polyurethane or PUR is the thermoplastic material. It is extremely durable, UV Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Water Resistant & Extremely flexibile. Due to its properties it extremely usefull in flexing applications where it is used as jacketing material.

Mechanical Characteristics

  • high tensile strength
  • high tear resistance
  • notch resistance
  • abrasion resistance
  • alternate bending resistance
  • impact resistance
  • flexibility at low temperatures



Chemical Charaterictis

  • very good resistance against mineral oils
  • good resistance against alcohol-free benzine
  • good resistance during storage in water
  • good resistance against many solvents


We at Spectrum custom manufacture Polyurethane / PUR Insulated Wire & Cable as per your requirement. Send us your datasheet of your requirement.


Technical Specifications  Polyurethane can be used as either an insulation or jacket material.
Nominal Temperature Ratings Fire Resistance Chemical Resistance UV Resistance Durability Flexibility
 -55°C to 80°C Poor Excellent Good Excellent Excellent