Sensor Cables

 Proximity-Sensor-CablesWith the power of doctrine and apprehension our superlative experts manufacture and export excellent range of Sensor Cables. These cables find its usage in sensors, electronic instruments, actuators and encoders. These cross section cables are operated with the voltage of less than 50v. Conductors of Sensor Cables are made using high grade quality PVC insulation which provides strength & flexibility to it. Available with varying sizes of cross section from 0.14 to 0.5 mm, the cores of cables are also available in different colors in order to easy recognition.
Further Details:
These are small cross section cables, typically 0.14, 0.25, 0.35, 0.5 sizes, with high quality to ensure reliable signal transmission in electronic instruments, sensors, encoders and actuators with operating voltage of less than 50v. Conductors of the cable consist of fine class wire of high quality. Special PVC formulation is used for insulation to provide high flexibility and strength. Cores are color coded for easy identification. Multicore or multipair configuration with or without shielding available. External jacket is of flame retardant PVC/TPR resistant to oil and chemicals. These cables conform to VDE/DIN specifications.
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Insulation PVC insulation
No. of Cores 03/04/05/06/08
Shield Tinned Copper Shield(Optional)
Sheath 100% Virgin Orange/Grey PVC or TPR for Oil & Chemical Resistant applications