Building Management System


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Spectrum Cable-Tech is leading manufacturer of cables with expertise in Building Management System. With more than 20 years of experience we have 15+ products.Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9000 certified & further our products have several certifications including ISI,CE,REACH,RoHS which gives our products an edge.Other than above products we have custom manufacturing facility as well where we develop specialised cables as per the client specifications.

Our Brand – Rinnova


  • Rinnova brand is leading renewable energy cable brand in India.
  • Manufactured in ISO 9000 facility.
  • Certified by leading agencies ( ISI, CE ).
  • Certified by European Standards as well (REACH, RoHS).
  • Under Rinnova brand we have more than ten plus products.
  • Used in retails & industrial applicaions.
  • Our clients includes ISRO, IPR, NTPC, BEL, NPCIL & several other.


Building Management System Cables:

Building Management SystemRecently due to development in technology and science, the quality of living has also seen some beautiful changes from fully integrated climate control to advanced computer systems to high definition audio, visual entertainment, building lighting control.
Efficient building management systems can help us to integrate functions like heating, ventilation, air-conditioning as well as lighting, fire systems, security systems and the operation of electric/electronic appliances in offices, hospitals, shopping malls and other public buildings.


  • Audio Cables
  • Multi-Pair Shielded/Unshielded Cables
  • Fire-Alarm Cables
  • RS 485 Communication Cables
  • Networking Cables
  • Co-Axial Cables
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